Putting Technology In Your Hands
What We Do
  1. Equipment Management
    Equipment Management
    Superior Biomedical can tailor a program from total involvement to basic operations of a current in-house program in need of assistance. We will be happy to review your program and provide a study of its strengths & weaknesses and where we may be of help.
  2. Corrective Maintenance
    Corrective Maintenance
    Superior Biomedical offers corrective maintenance services on either a contract or as needed basis. Such choice allows the facility the flexibility to match the type of service required while remaining within budget constraints without sacrificing quality service.
About Us

Superior Biomedical Service offers a variety of services to allow you to meet and exceed all "Environment Of Care" compliance  standards while remaining within budget guidelines. We have been able to reduce total costs while improving the quality of service for our customers. Just ask us and we will be glad to provide references.

Your Choice... Superior Biomedical is extremely flexible in providing the type of service your facility requires. Since every facility is different, Superior Biomedical will help you customize a program that is unique to your facility alone.